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Irish Palo

Digital Performance Media Strategist at Publicis Media

Influencer Marketing involves selecting content creators in a certain niche that are called to create a series of content that educates end-users on a certain product/service with the objective of creating awareness, engagement and conversion (purchases) whereas digital advertising is the practice of delivering content (promotional or storytelling) to users through various online and digital channels such as your websites, social media channels, and apps.

Madeline D. Stevens

content marketer

Influencer Marketing, in my experience, involves content creation, affiliate marketing, video creation and a number of other skills to promote yourself or a product. You influence other people by showing them how a product works for you. You engage and use your niche target audience to your advantage. As a Digital Advertiser, you have many ways to promote products on different platforms. They also try to target specific audiences and engage with them.

Madeline D. Stevens

content marketer

Thomas Deane

Business Development Manager @DeanoVisualDesigns

Basically, In digital advertising you are just advertising the brand or the brand’s product online. Influencer marketing is similar but it takes it one step further. Influencer marketing involves using an influencer’s status to promote specific products to their audience and so, because the audience admires the influencer, the influencer helps to increase interest in the product they are promoting.


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