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Fitness apps, apparel, in-home equipment, and healthy eating, wellness, and wearable tech are super popular amongst women and millennials. That’s why growing your brand with trusted micro-influencers on Instagram is so important today.

About Ainfluencer

Ainfluencer is the first 100% free DIY marketplace for influencer marketing

AInfluencer does away with all the wasted time, risk, and high costs associated with influencer marketing. By providing a smart, easy, and 100% free all-in-one platform, businesses can focus on getting started fast with ideally matched influencers in order to create content, and promote their business.

How it works

Why it works

Signup and create an Ad in minutes. Ainfluencer will then prompt for a few keywords and start displaying relevant influencers to invite to collaborate on the Ad. Offers will start to roll in where both parties can chat, collaborate and promote!

Our payment escrow system holds funds until the campaign is delivered per the terms of the agreement. Brands will be presented with in-depth stats and info powered by AI and proprietary algorithms, such as quality score and suggested post price, in turn providing peace of mind.

No commitments or lengthy signup process and the Ainfluencer interface, coupled with smart workflow makes work simple.

With zero access fees and better targeting, ROI skyrockets 5-8x over traditional media buys.

No contracts or commitments. Brands only pay the influencer’s fee. 

Work with 10s or even 100s of micro-influencers using a streamlined workflow.

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